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Father, Daughter Wedding Dance

"We had an amazing experience! My dance with my dad at my wedding was one of the things people were talking about most! Thanks Freddy for an awesome experience and perfect father daughter dance! "
H. Maynard

I started taking lessons in June 2010.  My wife died in November 2009, after fighting breast cancer for 13 years.  It was at this time I became depressed and did pretty much nothing for a period of 3 or 4 months.  A girlfriend at local gym recommended joining a dance studio.  I then went to the Scottsdale Arthur Murray Studio and saw people dancing and talking and smiling.  In other words, having a good time.  At that point I decided to join.  I was introduced to two of the female instructors as my new instructors.  As time passed, they became the two people I fell in love with as well as, with the rest of the group at the studio due to their attitude toward me, and the love they had for dancing. The girls and the studio as a whole have given me a second chance at an enjoyable second time around.  Thank you all!


Ray Thalblum

Dancing has been the very best thing I have done for myself in a long time. Litttle shy me now has a group of friends and I have the confidence to talk and dance with complete strangers. All of the instructors are wonderful and I have learned so much from all of them. Exercise has never been more fun and I jump at the chance to sweat some more. In only 2 months I am down 20 pounds and even more inches. I never thought I could learn to dance so quickly and get so much out of it. Thank you from the bottom of my dancin’ heart.


Crystal Hall

The Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Scottsdale will show you that dancing is a simple extension of walking. I have been taking ballroom dance lessons from this studio for nearly 5 years. Dancing is made fun & comfortable from top-notch teachers who love to dance and teach people how to dance. Whether you are a single or couple, you will regret not trying ballroom dancing soon.


John Lenio

Arthur Murray Studio in Scottsdale is an amazing place to learn to dance. The instructors are charismatic individuals and excellent teachers (and dancers) who love to teach and also who care about their students. I have been dancing here for almost 5 months and in that short period of time, I have learned a great deal. I am glad that I chose Arthur Murray studio in Scottsdale as the place to dance. The people (both the teachers and students) make this studio a unique and a great place to learn to dance whether you want to learn for social reasons, or if you want to compete.


Raenelle James

I have been taking dance lessons at this studio for 10 months, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. The staff is phenomenal, a group of professional dancers and just great people to hang out with. The owners, John and Lisa, are very kind, helpful and supportive. I can’t imagine taking lessons anywhere else. I love dancing, and they make it fun and exciting to learn.


Sheila Abbasian

When I first started dancing,  about a month or so after my first lesson, I got to dance and watch a Showcase  and saw a Silver dancer in a beautiful white ball gown.  The next lesson I told my instructor I  wanted to be a Silver dancer, to which he immediately looked like a deer in the  headlights.  I then told him, it  wasn’t today or tomorrow, it was however long it took.

I still want to be a Silver  dancer nearly three years later, but in addition, I now want to be a Gold Bar  dancer.  As I am more grown up than  many other new dancers, I hope that I get an opportunity to keep working really  hard to this goal.  Life often puts  barriers in our path and as one becomes “more grownup”, i.e. “older”, one has to  accept that these may happen.

If I get my way in life, I will  get my chance, and one of the things that I must do, is never falter, never quit  and always work as hard as I can. 

And in that, no matter what  comes in front of me in life, I will have gotten my  wish.


I wrote this almost a year ago,  and in that time I have lucky to have gotten to attend more competitions and  expand my dancing thanks to my instructor, Donovan Dominguez.  There are many things to praise him  about,  such as his skill as a  dancer, his ability to teach to all levels, but there are traits that are hard  to define.  As we dance more as  students, we have opportunities to test ourselves in competitions.  Not only has Donovan prepared me beyond  my expectations, he has opened a door to learning to stand on my own.  For many of us, we have done things in  our lives and are bold and confident, but stepping onto the dance floor can seem  foreign and frightening.  Donovan  gives me the sense that he believes in me, so much that he will let me  fail.  That may be hard for some to  understand, but if a person is always hovering and preventing me from making a  mistake, how will I know if I can ever dance on my own?  I can’t be any more grateful to Arthur  Murray and my wonderful instructors, but in particular Donovan.  


Many are not interested in competing, but for me, trying to quicken the pace of my learning (I don’t want to be a beginner when I’m 90), competition is an amazing process.  With the goals in mind, it is more  motivating to focus my attention and retain more of what is taught to me.  More than that, dancing has always had a  steady upward growth but at a competition and immediately afterward there is a  distinct jump in skill and understanding.   Possibly because of the focus and adrenaline on the competition floor, we  use every skill we can and absorb more than we can imagine.  Afterward there is a feeling of  accomplishment and awe.  You learn  to find your victories in the moments of the dance and delight when scores  reflect that. 


For every dancer – Am I better  than I was last year?  Am I better  than I was six months ago?  Am I  better than I was last month, last week, yesterday?  If not, why not?  The answers can only be found within  me.

Mary Ellen Westlie

Welcoming vibe with enthusiastic and talented teachers. So much fun!

Lynn Hoover

Best place to learn how to dance your butt off :) Everyone makes you feel so welcome and comfortable when you first begin! We feel like we’re already part of the Arthur Murray Scottsdale family!

LisaAnn Shawn Connors